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Looking for an Exterior Painting Contractors?

Exterior painting contractors are easy. However, finding the right one can be a behemoth task if you don’t know what you are looking for. At Lone Star Remodeling & Construction, we offer you complete peace of mind compared to other contractors. Our services are industry-leading, and our staff understands your needs before embarking on a project. Here are some benefits to a new coat of exterior painting.

New Look

Does your house look frayed? You should consider contacting an expert exterior painting contractors like us for the job. We will ensure that the paint job is flawless and makes your house pop.

A new coat of paint increases curb appeal and makes your house stand out among the other properties in the area. Some people want to express their personality through a fresh coat of paint, which can help make your home look unique.

Whether you have an idea of what shades of color you want or would prefer for us to help, we have you covered.

When you choose an exterior painting company, don’t fall prey to budget options. Inexperienced painters can ruin your home’s look by doing a poor job. We do not recommend attempting a DIY project either. Your paint will last for a shorter duration and is likely to start peeling off or cracking if you don’t choose an expert painter for the job.

Our team has the skills and training to use the right techniques for a good finish and to reduce paint consumption. While an inexperienced contractor might seem like a great budget option, the amount of paint they waste and the frequency of needing a new coat of paint make them more expensive in the long run.

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Paint is more than an aesthetic coating to make your house look nice. As skilled exterior painting contractors, our job is to ensure that your home is protected and looks good.

A quality paint job reduces damage due to the elements. Our paint is UV resistant to protect your home from damage, and it is resistant to harsh weather conditions. You can expect our paint to last between five to seven years.

Even if your paint looks impeccable, we advise you to contact us for another coat after the paint’s expected lifespan. Since paint is porous, you should always stay on top of your repainting schedule to prevent any damage to your home.

The importance of painting lies in the fact that it prevents wood from rotting and decreases the likelihood of mold growth. Paint’s protective nature saves you from expensive repair bills and prolongs your home’s life.

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Avoid Fines

Many Homeowners Associations require all houses on the block to look a certain way. If your paint is peeling or your home looks like it needs a fresh coat of paint, your Homeowners Association might warn you to repaint it.

While the initial letter might be a simple warning, your HOA might fine you if you fail to maintain your home according to their standards.

Increased Resale

A freshly painted house looks more attractive than one with old and peeled paint. Exterior paint contractors and realtors all agree that neutral colors are the most effective at helping you sell your home for more money. Ideally, you should choose no more than three exterior shades of color.

By painting your home’s exterior, you increase its curb appeal, meaning it’s more likely to catch a buyer’s attention. If more people are interested in buying your house, it will sell faster, and you have more offers to choose from.

Fix Hidden Damage

When we are painting your exterior, we can get closer to the paint and see the damage that may not be visible from street level. By tending to this damage during the paint job, you save yourself from the extensive repair costs that will occur when the damage worsens with time.

As professionals, we can see the damage that you might not be able to. We will address such damage as needed. Hidden damage is one of the leading causes of mold growth and untraceable leaks in the house.

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Hire the Best Exterior Painting Company!

At Lone Star Remodeling & Construction, you can expect the finest quality if you choose us as your exterior painting company. Our team has industry-leading skills and techniques that make for an excellent result. With our track record of delivering and exceeding client expectations, we will leave you happy and satisfied with our services.